Larry & Rosemary Mild


Larry grew up in New Haven, Connecticut and served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. After earning a BS in Information Systems Management from American University, he became a field engineer riding Navy ships for RCA. He spent most of his career at Honeywell/Alliant Techsystems, designing electronic equipment for the U.S. Government. Larry feels fortunate to have wed two terrific ladies. Losing Hannah to leukemia in 1986, he married Rosemary sometime later. They are members of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime (Larry’s a Mister), and Hawaii Fiction Writers. Together they launched their career coauthoring mystery, suspense, and fantasy fiction in their Honolulu condo overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Rosemary, a Smith College graduate and former Harper’s assistant editor, also writes personal essays, published in the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Chess Life, and elsewhere. At Waverly Press in Baltimore, she was managing editor of Chemical Times & Trends and copyedited scientific and medical books and journals. For fun and fitness, she goes to Jazzercise, satisfying her suppressed desire to be a Rockette. She was divorced when she met Larry on a blind date. He told her, “When I retire, I’m going to write a novel and I want you to help me.” She knew he was Mr. Right, so she chirped, “Okay!” Twenty books later, Larry still conjures up their mysterious plots while Rosemary adds the pizzazz. And they haven’t killed each other yet!

On the Rails

The Adventures of Boxcar Bertie

Rosemary and Larry bring you an exciting fictional story of a young frisky woman wrestling to survive life's obstacles.

What's a woman to do? Bertie Patchet has just graduated from college to become a grammar school teacher. But the year is 1936 and the country is deep in the throes of the Great Depression. Employment is nearly impossible for everyone, let alone for a single inexperienced female, and going home is an ugly option to be avoided. She must get away, but travel without income stops her in her tracks. Bertie dresses like a man and turns to hopping railway boxcars to make her escape to better opportunities. A female hobo? Unheard of! It's a man's world, so how can she maneuver in this male atmosphere fraught with risk, danger, and loss?

Charley and the Magic Jug

and Other Stories

Mystery coauthors Rosemary and Larry Mild bring you a another collection of their original stories—delightfully twisted tales of intrigue and imagination. Come experience the varied world of the short story with them.

Climb with Charley up the Hungarian mountainside to the secret cave in “Charley and the Magic Jug.” Watch three brothers devour a dangerous dessert in “Death by Agreement.” Learn how a tiny pill can change the lives of four sinister people in “The Pill.” Get away with thieves in “The Matching Years.” Feel the neighbors' shock waves in “Tsunami.” Jog through a Hawaiian park with Morgan in search of romance in “Roses.” Join Philip in resisting the greatest “Temptation.” Follow Casey as he chases the ladies in “On the Prowl.” Witness an organ transplant in “Deliver a Liver.” Listen to how Bartoc guards his treasure in “The Metronome.” Frolic with fractured fairy tales and the Milds' own Menehune legends. And so much more.

Death Rules the Night

A Dan & Rivka Sherman Mystery

Dan wants to know why copies of a book on the history of the Atkins family have disappeared, not only from the bookstore, but from all the local libraries and even the author's bookshelves. Someone is trying to hide secrets, but who is it and what are they trying to hide? Does it have anything to with the ugly Atkins mansion? Can stalkings, threats, and even murder sway Dan from investigating this mystery? Rivka fears for his life.

Thom Dwyer, a retired truck driver, is ready to confess sins he and another driver committed twenty years earlier. How can his confession help Dan solve this mystery? And bookstore clerk Ivy fears gossip will derail her wedding.

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Death Rules the Night's lively inspections of death, marriage, threats, and redemption makes it a standout especially recommended for mystery genre readers who like their stories realistic, engaging, and full of surprises as they move into the big secret Muddy Akins is determined to keep against all odds and prying.

- Edith Degrange, Boston, Mass. MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW, Reviewed November 2021