Rose Tigarden


Rose Tigarden writes contemporary fiction novels based in her beloved Hawaiian Islands, published in large print for easy reading. A romantic adventure on Maui called Life's a Beach on Maui 2nd ed., and the first two books in the 7 book murder mystery series called Hawaiian Tiger Princess Chronicles.

Rose works with Page Publishing out of New York. She is a member of the Red Hat Society and Sisters in Crime. Rose writes strong female characters drawn from her many years of surfing, sailing, and flying. She has lived on sailboats in Hawaiʻi, Southern California, Mexico, and the Caribbean. She has over 30,000 blue water miles under her hull, crossing both the North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, transiting the Panama Canal, and working on charter boats in the Caribbean. Rose has lived in Australia, Maui, Honolulu, Southern California, and in a nudist colony in Florida. During her time living in Marina del Rey, she worked as a sailmaker, a development assistant at a production company, and a commercial extra. She is herself a strong female character, often described as a free spirit. Rose now lives in Honolulu full-time.

Life a Beach on Maui

Second Edition

Like a good mai tai, it’s one part romance, one part a poignant family story of three generations of surfers. A combination of adventure and Maui travel guide, with a surf lesson thrown in for good measure, a $125.00 value. Frank Hoffer, the family patriarch, dies during an ocean rescue at the mega-surf break Jaws, setting the stage for a chance encounter. Two old friends, Frannie Hoffer-Berger and Davey Harlin, are brought together by a lucky coincidence and have the opportunity to correct a past mistake. How many people get a chance for a do-over in their lives? Will they be able to save the Hoffer’s restaurant bar and their family home, or will they too fall victim to the consequences of the tourists’ actions that day at Jaws? Will Irene Hoffer be able to find love again with the help of her family, neighbors, and her friends from the Red Hat Society?


Hawaiian Tiger Princess Chronicles - Book 1

Gotham City may have their Batman, but Honolulu has the Tiger Princess. These fast-paced mysteries are a contemporary work of fiction written episodically, like television, with a cast of characters. It follows PeggySu Lee from her birth in Hong Kong during the Vietnam War, through her career as a private detective and attorney with the family law firm in Honolulu. PeggySu Lee is the Tiger Princess, a double-edged sword, both private investigator and attorney-at-law. Trained by her father, Commander Robert E. Lee, Special Forces, PeggySu is an expert in all forms of self-defense, both armed and unarmed. The Tiger Princess is the deadliest thing on two feet. Glimpse the underbelly of Honolulu as you read the various cases of KanSu & Associates, and Lee Investigations. Walk the streets with the exotic PeggySu Lee and the handsome young homicide detective Keanu Wong.


Hawaiian Tiger Princess Chronicles - Book 2

As they say in Hawaiʻi, hana hou. Legend is an encore to Prophecy, the first book in the 7 book series Hawaiian Tiger Princess Chronicles. A cast of characters appears in these fast-paced mysteries which are written episodically like TV shows. We follow the escapades of PeggySu Lee, the Tiger Princess, defender of innocents in 21-century Hawaiʻi. Read the fictional cases of KanSu & Associates and Lee Investigations. Can love and romance survive and thrive here in this tropical paradise among the murder and mayhem. Walk the streets with the exotic PeggySu Lee and the handsome homicide detective Keanu Wong. Gotham City may have their Batman, but Honolulu has the Tiger Princess.

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"I enjoyed Life's a Beach on Maui, the history, the family love and the insight into life as it as happen on Maui. I love the water and all kinds of watersports (even though I never managed surfing) and found it easy to imagine myself in this environment. The feeling the book was written with was clear and beautiful. I recommend this lovely book!"

- Margaret, UK. AMAZON, Reviewed January 2021