Gail M Baugniet


Gail M Baugniet is the author of the Pepper Bibeau mystery series available on Amazon. Early careers in law enforcement and the insurance industry fueled her interest in writing mysteries. She is a member of the national writers group, Sisters in Crime, Inc.; and Hawaiʻi Fiction Writers. As president of Sisters in Crime/Hawaiʻi, she co-published two anthologies featuring short story mysteries by local authors. Gail’s book of linked poetry, Another New Beginning: 70 Poems for 70 Days, was gifted to 70 family members and friends in celebration of her 70th birthday. A genealogical novel, Shards of Memory – Oral History in a Heartbeat, derives from her decades of family research. After twelve years of security dispatching for Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, she turned to writing full-time, including novels, poetry, and short stories published in several anthologies.

Another New Beginning: 

70 Poems for 70 Days

Another New Beginning is a collection of seventy free-association poems based on Renshi, a Japanese form of poetry. "Ren" refers to connecting or linking.

To link each thought, the final words of one poem are used to form the title of the next. Then a shift occurs to address another topic, idea, or event. While these poems do not strictly follow the rules of Renshi, they do contain its spirit.

After 70 years on God's green earth, author Gail Baugniet learned to float on the trade winds, allowing happiness to seep into the many crevices of her life. Open to whatever comes each day, she enjoys life more now than at any other time since her birth. Gail wrote these poems to share the pleasantness afforded to her in this life. Not all the poems are about happiness, but each was written from a place of joy and peace.

Shards Of Memory: 

Oral History in a Heartbeat

This novel, Shards Of Memory - Oral History in a Heartbeat, presents a heartwarming experience of emotional healing through storytelling, with a touch of romance and mystery woven throughout. Young Gahlen spends an inordinate amount of time with both sets of grandparents after a tragic accident permanently disfigures the child's leg. Eager to assure their grandchild of the lasting bonds of heritage, each grandparent shares tales of ancestors from Europe, Ireland, or Quebec, Canada. Their stories reveal hardships and joys along several branches of two families, from life in their homelands before 1838 and emigration, to a 1938 wedding uniting the two families.A plan designed to entertain and educate Gahlen brings solace to the grandparents as they relate family stories, recall poignant memories, and ultimately come to terms with grief in their own lives.

For Every Action 

There Are Consequences

As they say in Hawaiʻi, hana hou. Legend is an encore to Prophecy, the first book in the 7 book series Hawaiian Tiger Princess Chronicles. A cast of characters appears in these fast-paced mysteries which are written episodically like TV shows. We follow the escapades of PeggySu Lee, the Tiger Princess, defender of innocents in 21-century Hawaiʻi. Read the fictional cases of KanSu & Associates and Lee Investigations. Can love and romance survive and thrive here in this tropical paradise among the murder and mayhem. Walk the streets with the exotic PeggySu Lee and the handsome homicide detective Keanu Wong. Gotham City may have their Batman, but Honolulu has the Tiger Princess.

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"Relive experiences of the lives of those who emigrated to America in the early 1800s. Interesting read. Highly recommended!"

- Abi, US. AMAZON, Reviewed July 2021