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Joseph T. Page Jr. has a doctoral degree in business management from Nova Southeastern University. He served over twenty years as a U.S. Army officer, commanded military units on three continents, and is a decorated combat veteran. He also worked as a Department of Defense contractor for almost two dozen years in Europe. He and his wife, Gretchen, are retired and live in Hawaiʻi.  They have five daughters and nine grandchildren. In addition to writing, he is an amateur magician and a major Sherlock Holmes enthusiast.  Joe is the Gasogene for The Shaka Sherlockians of Hawaiʻi scion society

The Kingdom Queen: A Medieval Novella

Two young American tourists, Carmen and Cubby, arrive at a mysterious church in present-day Austria. They meet Otto, their tour guide, who leads them to the Silver Chapel. There he weaves an enchanting story involving knights, intrigue, and true love. Otto takes their imaginations on a journey to twelfth-century Europe during the High Middle Ages, a decade after the end of the First Crusade. Princess Margarethe and Theo first meet as children when her father, King Johann, grants knighthood to Sir Josef, Theos father. The children are immediately drawn to each other despite the difference in social class. When Theos parents are tragically killed, Margarethe swears to love him forever but is that true? Can their love survive even though they are destined to never marry? Carmen and Cubby have countless questions as the story unfolds, but Otto is always happy to explain and instruct. He tells tales of war, marriage, birth, death, and chivalry as Margarethe and Theo are constantly kept apart. Assassins abound, cultures collide, and the Knights Templar make their presence felt in sometimes surprising ways. Margarethe and Theo vow eternal loyalty, no matter the sacrifice. But will they get their happy ending or remain resigned to the duties of differing stations? Welcome to the new and timeless story of The Kingdom Queen.

Holmes and Me: Reflections on the World's Greatest Consulting Detective

A fictional collection of Sherlock Holmes stories based on one or more newspaper articles and features Sherlockian authors. It is published by The Crew of the Barque Lone Star. The Crew and other Sherlockians have contributed to a number of volumes that showcase their talents in pastiches, limericks, and essays. This volume provides another collection that spans the gamut of creative works. Joe’s contribution, “A Singular Discovery,” goes back to the gangster era of 1930’s Chicago. It features both real-life and favorite characters involved in solving multiple notorious crimes and even addresses the creation of the Broadway musical Chicago.

Kissing Frogs and Other Quirky Fairy Tales

A collection of 26 new variations on familiar fairy tales, fractured for your entertainment. In “Twice Upon A Time,” Joe looks at Hansel & Gretel 20 years later and answers a few open questions left unanswered by the Brothers Grimm. Several twists to this classic story take place as a new sibling is introduced. There are also over two dozen additional quirky fairy tales to read alone or read aloud to amaze and delight your friends.


“The game is afoot.”

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“What you do in this world is a matter of no consequence. The question is what can you make people believe you have done.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet