Brett Botbyl


My name is Brett Botbyl – a seasoned entertainment and production veteran with years of writing, editing, and production experience. 

I have sculpted realities, through imagination, writing, and conveying concepts in a kinetic process of live performance. I started my own theatre company at 20, and ran the torch at full speed. I created performance realities on an epic scale, merging film immediacy with live theatre, bringing to life the Arthurian Dark Ages, a 17th Century French village, a Carpathian mountain cemetery and so much more. 

Now, after Covid, it's time to bring my passion for writing to life in living color.

I'm a curmudgeon bear, Scorpio, Jersey boy, gay, married, time traveler, superhero, creative madman theatre-directing author in Hawai‘i. Follow my stories. Step into the adventure!


The Ghost Hill Gang

A Horror Fiction Serial

It's Halloween 1976 in this sleepy New Jersey town, and something evil is snatching kids from the shadows. But these kids aren't about to let a dumb curfew stop them from kicking some wicked butt ... Jersey style!

The Minstrel's Mile

An Original Fantasy Adventure

As the frost winds of winter devour the north, a young nobleman travels in the humble guise of a troubadour, trading bard song for a fireside, a roof, and a bowl of mottled stew. At his heels rides a threat driven by the promise of gold on the head of a murderer. This is the story of Gadlin the Minstrel. And this is The Minstrel's Mile.

St. Alban's Cove

A Paranormal Cold War Thriller

Winter 1963. The Cold War rages. The World is reeling from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, unaware of the ravenous thing he rose to become three days later. The cursed attack leads investigators to a small college town in New York State on the banks of the Hudson River. Christmas time. Shoppers scramble. Shadows are everywhere. Hope is dying. Deliver us from evil.

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The Minstrel's Mile is a fantastic undertaking that combines light-hearted, whimsical conversation with dark fantasy undertones.

- John Behnken, USA 2022